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Spicy Thai sausage Salad

15. January 2010


The Ingredients: Sausage (Moo-Yor) Sliced Onion Chili peppers Lime juice Fish sauce Sugar Sliced tomato Scallions Cucumber Lettuce Chinese celeries This dish is very simple and very easy to cook but the taste is very nice. Also it can be a simple dish for a person who has less time to cook or is in […]

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Soy Sauce Chicken

11. January 2010

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The Ingredients: Chicken breast with skin Coriander Roots Garlic cloves Peppercorns Light Soy Sauce Butter Water Chicken stock cube Before you start cooking, this dish needs a lot of preparation which is very important. First of all, clean the chicken then find the bowl or anything which you can use it for mixing chicken with […]

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Stewed Pork and Egg with soup

8. January 2010


The ingredients: Pork with Fat Eggs Coriander roots Soy sauce Black soy sauce Five spice powder Clove Garlics Peppercorn Vegetable Oil Water This dish might be a little bit difficult if compares to other Thai dishes but the dish is very tasty and it’s likable which you can cook for your whole family. Let’s start […]

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Crabmeat Steamed Eggs

4. January 2010


Ingredients: Eggs : 3 – 4 eggs Water Imitated crabmeat Carrot (chop into small pieces same size as small cube) Spring Onion Soy sauce Fish Sauce How to cook: In order to do the steam egg, you definitely need the steaming pot. Get ready to cook by pour in the water in it and place […]

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