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8 kinds of food that you should not eat with empty stomach

26. February 2010


1. Banana – You should avoid banana with empty stomach because it’s full with magnesium. If you eat banana when you have empty stomach, it will increase the magnesium level in the body and destroy the proportion of Magnesium and calcium in the body. It can stop the function of the aorta of the heart. […]

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What the hell is MSG?

24. February 2010


What is MSG? It’s almost in every food in Thailand I think but people ignore it. And I don’t think it’s something that you should be ignored because MSG can be the slow killer which cause harm to your health day by day. MSG is a salt but it’s not the normal salt. It’s a […]

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10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s in Bangkok

4. February 2010


Valentine’s day is the very special day for all lovers to share your love, happiness or even say “love” to each others. Many couples might find the romantic places to celebrate and share love and happiness feelings together. The romantic places I would like to suggest are: 1. The beach It is beautiful and quiet […]

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