Chicken Basil – The most popular food in made-to-order restaurants

Fri, Jun 12, 2009

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Chicken Basil or Kraprao Kai. Kraprao is Basil and Kai is, of course, chicken.

It’s the first order of Thai people if they have no idea what to eat when they go to the made-to-order food, if we have nothing in mind, we will just go for Chicken Basil, hehe.

Let’s check out what you have to have to cook this food:
1. Chicken – cut into the bite size pieces
2. Oil
3. Thai chili – the amount depends how much you like spicy
4. Garlic
5. Sugar
6. Fish sauce

Heat the pan and then put in a bit of oil after that put in the minced garlic and stir it, not to make it overcooked. When you see the garlic turns a bit brown, put in the chicken, stir it and then add sugar, fish sauce and chili. Stir all of them together until the chicken is cooked and put in the basil leaves then finished.

We like to serve Chicken Basil with hot rice and even better with the egg to get more nutrition and to make food more delicious also.

Chicken Basil Thailand

Chicken Basil Thailand

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