Chicken in coconut soup

Tue, Jun 16, 2009

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Two Chicken menu in a row, this time we mix the previous two menu together by using the coconut from ‘sweet coconut sticky rice with mango’ and chicken from ‘chicken basil’. It is called “chicken in coconut soup”

The ingredients are:
1. Crushed Thai chili
2. Lime
3. Crushed Galangal
4. Fish sauce
5. Coconut milk
6. Cilantro
7. Chicken
8. Kaffir lime leaves (optional)

Use the pot and put in crushed galangal, water and coconut milk altogether. Heat it up until it’s hot and then reduce the heat and keep stiring them. Add up the chicken and fish sauce. Leave it hot a bit and add up the kaffir lime leaves. Boil it up until it’s all well done and then turn off. Put the soup in the bowls and then add up the crashed chilli to make the food looks beautiful and then squeeze the lime to make the dish tastier.

Chicken in coconut soup Thailand

Chicken in coconut soup Thailand

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