Chicken sweet and sour

Tue, Aug 11, 2009

About Thai Food

It’s one of the favorite for the foreigners because this dish is not spicy but sweet and also the look of this dish is very colorful, looks yummy.


– Oil
– Chicken fillet
– Flour
– Onion
– Green pepper
– Ketchup
– Pineapple
– Chicken soup stock
– Sweet soy sauce
– Sugar
– White vinegar

Prepare the ingredients:

1. Slice the chicken into bite sized pieces and then turn them in the flour.
2. Cut pineapple into pieces and drain it
3. Dice onion and green pepper

How to cook:

1. Stir chicken in the hot oil in pan or wok for 5 minutes.

2. Take chicken out of the wok or pan first and then put onion and green pepper into the wok or pan instead and stir them together.

3. Add all other ingredients in the wok and mix them all together (ketchup, pineapple, chicken soup stock, sweet soy sauce, sugar, white vinegar)

4. Then add in the chicken again stir until all ingredients mix well with chicken and then it’s ready to be served.

Hints: Instead of using chicken, you can use other meat instead if you want to such as beef, pork or shrimp.

Chicken sweet and sour

Chicken sweet and sour

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