Fish Pancake or Tod Mun

Thu, Jun 18, 2009

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After that, grill the pork on barbeque, enjoy this meal anytime of the day, it’s very simple, tasty and easy to take away too.

Tod Mun or fish pancake, it’s another easy dish to make that I would like to suggest to you guys continue from the previous easy dish like grilled pork. But instead of grilling, Tod Mun is cooked by frying instead.

The ingredients you have to prepare are:
1. Fish sauce
2. Sugar
3. Salt
4. Green bean
5. Kaffir lime leaves
6. Fish paste
7. Red curry paste

First you have to mix all ingredients together in a bowl first, except kaffir lime leave and green bean. Mix all together until it turns smooth and all ingredients mix together well. Mostly it takes about 3 minutes on stiring to make the fish smooth. After that, put in the kaffir lime leave and green bean, stir together again and then it will be ready to fry.

Use the flat bottom pan to fry tod mun, heat it until it’s hot and put a lot of oil in the pan to make sure that the oil will cover the piece of tod mun well. For the size of todmun for each piece, you can check from the photo below. Make sure the oil is hot enough to fry.

Fish Pancake Thailand

Fish Pancake Thailand

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