Fried noodle with broccoli and pepper

Mon, Aug 17, 2009

About Thai Food

Fried noodle is a very simple dish and always please everyone from kids to the elderly. It’s the perfect dish for ones who have the big party or dinner which have to serve many people.

The ingredients are:

– Chinese Egg Noodle
– Broccoli
– Red pepper
– Onion
– Oil
– Sweet soy sauce
– Meat (chicken, pork), Seafood (optional)

Prepare the ingredients:

1. You have to boil the noodle first by boiling it in the hot pot for 10 minutes, then drain the noodle and wash it with the cold water.
2. Cut broccoli into bite-sized pieces
3. Slice the pepper
4. Cut onions into 2cm long pieces

How to cook:

1. Heat up the pan or wok and then add up the oil, wait until it’s hot then add up the broccoli and stir until tender

2. Add up the onions, red peppers and meat (optional) and stir them all together with broccoli

3. Add noodle as the last part, stir them all until they all mix well together and season the dish with sweet soy sauce until you get the taste you like

This dish is very easy and you can do in big amount to serve lots of people.

Fried noodle with broccoli and pepper

Fried noodle with broccoli and pepper

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