Grilled Pork on the Bamboo stick

Sun, Jun 14, 2009

About Thai Food

This menu is for the one who love pork, it is grilled pork menu which is the simple dish that is very easy to do and also it’s a perfect takeaway meal for picnic or for your kids to school.

The ingredients are:
1. Sugar
2. Salt
3. Coconut milk
4. Pork
5. Fish sauce
6. Garlic
7. Bamboo skewer

Slick the pork into the thin long strips in order to make it fit with the bamboo stick and easy to grill. And then mix the minced garlic, fish sauce, sugar, salt and coconut milk with the pork and leave it at least for half an hour but the best way is leaving them together overnight because all the taste will get into the pork very well and can make the pork taste so good.

After that, grill the pork on barbeque, enjoy this meal anytime of the day, it’s very simple, tasty and easy to take away too

Grilled Pork Thailand

Grilled Pork Thailand

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