Masamun curry

Sat, Jun 20, 2009

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Masamun curry
Its name might not familiar at all but it’s the great food with a little big sweet taste that is not going to destroy your tongue like any other thai foods, lol.

Let’s start with the ingredients:
1. Masamun curry paste (you can find it at any markets)
2. Beef (cut into bite size pieces)
3. Tamarind sauce
4. Cinnamon stick
5. Cashew
6. Cardamom
7. Bay leaf
8. Sugar
9. Salt
10. Potato (peel and cut into big chunks)
11. Onion (cut into bite size pieces)

Start the cook by heat coconut milk and masamun curry paste in a pot. Mix them up together with medium heat to low, stir constantly to make sure it’s well-mixed. Then add up the meat, stir a bit to make sure the coconut milk and masamun curry paste cover the meat and then add the water a little just to cover all the meat. Add up all other ingredients except potato, onion and cashew. Cook them for 5 minutes and then add up potato, onion and cashews and cook it for 20 minutes. Make sure that the water is not too dry, if it is, add up a little bit more of water. Heat it up for 20 minutes more and the dish is done.

More tip is you can replace the beef with chicken or pork if you don’t eat beef.

Masamun Curry Thailand

Masamun Curry Thailand

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