Pineapple curry

Sun, Aug 9, 2009

About Thai Food

Continue the dish with the main ingredient like pineapple, you never know that how many dish we can use fruit as the main ingredient for main Thai food.

Let’s prepare the ingredients together:

• Oil
• Red curry paste
• Coconut milk
• Pineapple
• Fish sauce
• Brown sugar
• Meat, seafood (optional)

Prepare the ingredients:

– Cut Pineapple into bite sized pieces and drain it, be careful because if you don’t drain the pineapple, the curry can be too sweet or sour same as the taste of the pineapple itself.

How to cook:

1. Heat the pan or wok, add up oil and wait until it’s hot then add the red curry paste and stir it.

2. Then add coconut milk and pineapple and boil them all together. Add coconut milk faster enough in order not to let the red curry paste dry with the heat first. Add up the meat or seafood when the soup is boiling (optional)

3. When it’s hot, you can season the dish with fish sauce and brown sugar until you get the taste you like and it will be ready to be served with hot rice.

Pineapple curry

Pineapple curry

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