Seafood at the beach

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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Seafood at the beach

As we all know, if we want to get good fresh things, we have to go to the place where that good fresh things are from. In addition, if I want seafood, so of course I have to go to the sea. It’s always enjoyable for me to eat seafood. However, nothing can beat eating seafood at the beach with sea view. Everything seems to be paradise at that moment. I just had chance to do that a few days ago, eating seafood at the beach.

Seafood at the beach

Seafood at the beach is very fresh because they have them alive in the tank, once the customers make an order, they will take the seafood up from the tank and cook right away according to the amount that the customer’s order. The good thing of eating seafood at the beach is that even the chef is not a good cooker; you will at least enjoy the seafood because it is so fresh. Therefore, the must-have orders are the steamed seafood like steaming crab or shrimp because these orders will never go wrong even the chef is bad.
There are not so many restaurants in Chanthaburi beach comparing to other beaches in Thailand. I think it might be because the number of the tourists is still very low and most of the tourists there are Thais too. The way Thais eat when they go to the beach is that they cook by themselves; just buy the fresh seafood from the market. By the way, you can still find some restaurants in Chanthaburi no matter what, even on the weekdays but do not expect the wide range of choice. The restaurant I went to last time was a small restaurant next to the resort I stayed. I ordered fried rice and half kilogram of steaming crabs. The fried rice was not that good but steaming crabs were heaven. Every single crab I had had eggs inside it.

Fruit from Chanthaburi

However, the best food you can get from Chanthaburi is not seafood but Fruits. Fruits here are very fresh and they have it all year long. Most of the sellers will come to Chanthaburi to buy fruits and deliver it to all other cities like Bangkok and other provinces nearby.

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