Sticky rice

Sun, Mar 14, 2010

About Thai Food

Sticky rice is the rice that is found in Lao, northern and Northeastern of Thailand. Lao is the country with the highest number of sticky rice growth out of all countries where they grow Sticky rice. Sticky rice is grown in China, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Philippine, Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

In Thailand, we call sticky rice as “Khao Niew”. Khao means rice and Niew means sticky. Sticky rice is famous main dish for people from Northeast of Thailand. It can be compared same as the thai jasmine rice for other regions in Thailand. Even it’s not the food of other regions in Thailand but Northeast food is very famous and be eaten by any Thais from any regions of Thailand, so sticky rice is the food that is hard to miss for any thais.

Sticky rice is easily to be eaten by hands because it’s very sticky, so it’s difficult to eat it with normal spoon and fork. Sticky rice in Thailand is stickier than rice in Japan or China, so it’s difficult for people who eat it to use chopstick like Japanese do with their own rice. They are both sticky but in different levels.

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