Stuffed Omelet

Sun, Aug 23, 2009

About Thai Food

This dish is for the ones who love eggs but bored with the simple egg dish like scramble egg, boiled eggs or fried eggs. We would like the suggest you how much more dish you can use eggs as the main ingredient but can get something different which is delicious and not boring like other egg dish you already have.

The ingredients are:

– Eggs
– Tomatoes
– red peppers
– Onions
– Peas
– Coriander stem
– Oil
– Fish sauce
– Sugar
– Light soy sauce
– Pepper

Prepare the ingredients:

– Dice tomatoes, onion and green peppers
– Chop coriander and beat the eggs on the bowl preparing it to be cooked

How to cook:
1. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in the pan or wok, then add tomatoes, onion, green peppers, coriander stem and peas and stir all of them together.

2. Season it with sugar, fish sauce, light soy sauce and pepper. Stir them all together and then put it aside.

3. Heat the new pan and then pour in the egg and cook it same as the way you cook omelets

4. Fill in the first dish you done on the top of the omelets and fold half of the omelets to have the same shape as half of the circle or you can fold it to the shape of square if you want to.

Stuffed Omelet

Stuffed Omelet

Eggs, the main ingredient

Eggs, the main ingredient

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