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Tue, Mar 9, 2010

About Thai Food

Thai people always have rice in every meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thai people love sharing food. If you go out for lunch or dinner with Thai friends, you are most likely to be asked whether you’d like a single dish or dishes to share. To share or not to share, that is a question entirely up to you. It’s something that people who are not Thais don’t get familiar with or they might think it’s not hygienic to do so. Thais use the middle spoon to cope up the food to their own dish, in that case you don’t have to worry about hygienic issue.

Thai people eat 3 meals a day same as most of the people from many countries. But Thais have a habit of eating small meal like snack because it’s very easy to find food all around. Many Thais tend to not cook by themselves but eat small food outside very often because it’s very cheap and everywhere. Foreigners who live here call it as street food which in Thailand, we have almost everything such as fruit, meatballs, noodle and more.

You will never feel hungry if you live in Thailand because you can find food anytime of the day even late at night. There are some restaurants in Thailand opening at night only and close very late or close in the morning. Some restaurants open from 10 pm until 6am to satisfy the hunger of the people who work at night or people who tend to get hungry right at night. It’s something special that you can find only in Thailand or only in few countries in the world.

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