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Wed, Mar 23, 2011

About Thai Food

Hot chili peppers – never has there been a food to inspire both wonder and wariness, love and hate. If just the sight of hot chili peppers makes your stomach spasm, I have news for you: not all chilies are created equally. Some hot chili peppers, such as cayenne peppers, are actually good for your stomach. Learn more about the wonderful health benefits of adding chili or cayenne pepper to your diet. You’ll sleep better. Recent studies prove that consuming just a little chilli pepper (fresh or dried) each day helps us fall asleep, and stay asleep longer. And adding a little fresh-cut chili to your evening meal may also help you feel more awake the next day

So Hot chili

So Hot chili

Purple Yam or Purple Sweet Potato
Purple yams are available in the fall at your local Asian/Chinese market, and make a nice change from regular yams. Or combine the two for a colorful and good-for-you. The inside was so beautiful – light purple and juicy, almost like a fruit. This is unexpected, as the outside skin looks brown and dull, like any other yam. The Purple Okinawan Sweet Potato (pictured) can be found across North America at your local Asian or Chinese market, and even at some regular grocery store chains. Look for it in the fall and winter. Like regular yams, purple yams are extremely good for you. High in potassium, plus B6, vitamin C, fiber, plus antioxidants, purple yams are truly one of nature’s wonders.

Sweet Purple Potato

Sweet Purple Potato

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