Thai food not only taste good but also can cure cold fever

Wed, Dec 29, 2010

About Thai Food

We also know that vitamin C helps to relieve cold symptoms. And you know that there are Thai food that can help treat flu in preliminary , But some people might forget

Foods that can help to blow Snot away and good for nasal congestion and make it clear, is spicy food,

Containing ingredients such as chili pepper based hot chili pepper chili. But if people do not eat spicy. This is a still difficult to be able to eat spicy food. There are many spicy food that you many know well such as Tom yum gung or Thai curry, only add a bit more chill more than usual, eating ginger with soup with spicy chili . Or eating spicy mixed vegetable soup

Eating foods containing chili or spicy foods do not need to eat every meal or strict meal, only a day or two meals a day that enough thought. Onions and garlic treat Sore throat and Throat irritation symptoms.

However, should drink enough water and rest a lot together with the meal to be completed.



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