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Mon, Feb 7, 2011

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Bai Bua Bok

There are many house have planted Bai Bua Bok in Thailand. Because the benefits of Bai Bua Bok leaf is nutritious. Vitamin A is very high. Nourishes the eyes and contains more calcium, too. There is also a vitamin B 1 is higher than many other kinds of vegetables. Also has the quality of drugs, Solving bruised in. Bruises are healing well. Solving in hot dry Reduce maintenance headache unilateral brain to solve high blood pressure cure fatigue fatigue and maintain heart element Care diuretic

In pharmacological studies to search for active ingredients. Or find a different active ingredient contained in the leaves of Centella asiatica leaves showed that the compounds are glycosides (Glycosides) effective against several types of reaction from oxidation. (Antioxidation).

This results in reducing the degeneration of cells of various body organs.
They also found that compound glycosides from leaves of Centella also resulted in accelerating. Substance collagen (Collagen) is the structure of the skin was used for the purpose of stimulating the wound heal faster.

Who should eat
– People are at risk of disease, memory loss, such as the elderly postmenopausal women.
– Those who are of working age to the brain greatly And to enhance memory.
– Those with high stress from hard work.
– People with skin disorders. Symptoms bruises and skin inflammation in muscle
– Patients after surgery. It accelerates wound healing faster.

And for women who age 30 years up and are worry about wrinkles on the face boundaries. This herb is quite good to help you

Just take the fresh juice of Bai Bua Bok herb then use cotton wet put them all over your face and left about 15 minutes then rinse paint ,Do every day before going to bed. water from Bai Bua Bok will stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin. This will reduce facial wrinkles. But you need to do regularly, not just 2-3 times, then it yielded results. And all ages can take advantage of Bai Bua Bok

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