Where does Thai food come from?

Tue, May 26, 2009

About Thai Food

Many different Thai food herbs are widely used to flavor and spices Thai food. The Thai food will taste and smell different depending who will cook it and where in Thailand you are eating.

The way to deep fried the Thai food is coming from China and India has inspired with different spices

Thai food is not difficult to cook as long as you have good raw material, herbs and spices. Good food, you can find the supermarket closest to Asia super market if you not in Thailand.

Pad Thai is one of the most famous Cuisine of Thailand’s and another one is Tom yam goong.

Some normal curry paste you can buy in the shops
Paste, (Gaeng Phet), red (Gaeng Phet), Yellow Curry (Gaeng leuang), Panang Curry (Gaeng Phanaeng), Massaman (Gaeng Massaman), some varieties of curry by Namias and KAREKAREKAREGURINKAREPESUTO .

In Thailand the family gather around a small table or on the floor and share many dishes Thai dishes. So do not be surprised when you go with Thai people to a Thai restaurants they will order to many dishes. If you tell them you like many things they will order to many for sure. But it is ok when the dinner is over you can ask to take home some of the left overs it is not rude.

Fruits of Thailand

Thai food can be good after the break with the fruit a little better. Thailand has a lot of good fruit. Pineapple is one of the most common fruits in Thailand Some of rambutan, Thailand banana, mango, litchi, durian.

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