Why should we eat chili?

Wed, Mar 17, 2010

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Chilli is not only something you add in the food to get spicy taste but it has more advantages than that. Besides from getting spicy taste from it, Chili also helps the digestion system of the body working good and stimulates the blood circulation in the body to work well too. Another qualification of chili that all girls will like is that chili can help you to lose weight in a way that chili will make you less hungry because its spicy will make people eat lesser than they can. It’s because when people eat spicy food, they tend to drink a lot more water than eating non-chili food. Water will make the stomach full and they will eat lesser.

Chili also has Capsicum in it and that capsicum has the qualification in burning fat inside the body. Western people might not get use to spicy food. You don’t have to eat as spicier as Thais but you can try by adding a little bit of chili in your Thai food next time. A little bit spicy is good and you will know that spicy food is not bad at all. Thai born to eat spicy food, chili is something you never miss in any Thai dishes.

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