Egg Noodle with Barbeque Pork

Sun, Jun 28, 2009

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Egg Noodle with Barbeque pork

It’s the menu that you can find almost everywhere along the road in Thailand, especially at night. You can say it’s the most famous food for people who work at night because they are available along the road to fulfill the stomach of night time workers

But if you don’t want to wait until night and want to cook it yourself at home, I have the trick for you to do, first let’s prepare what you have to have in order to make this menu happens:

– Sugar
– Vinegar
– Salt
– Chinese cabbage
– Ground pepper
– Fried Garlic
– Egg Noodle
– Fish sauce
– Barbeque pork
– Bean sprout (optional)
– Chinese Mustard Cabbage

Start the menu by boiling Chinese mustard cabbage and then put them in the bowl that you are going to eat from and you can put in the bean sprout and blanch it together with Chinese mustard cabbage if you like.

Now it’s time for one of the main ingredient of this dish which is egg noodle. Take the egg noodle in the amount you would like to have and then separate it, not to have it stick together in order for being easier to eat. Cook it with hot water, use chopstick to separate it while cooking.

Put the noodle on the dish and mix it with all the ingredients with sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper and fried garlic. Mix them all together to make the noodle taste good.

Now we comes to the second main ingredient of this dish which is, of course, Barbeque Pork

There are 2 options for you, first you buy the cooked one from the market, which you don’t have to do anything, just cut into pieces and put it on the top of the noodle and then eat. But if you don’t like the taste of the one that is already available in the market, you can cook the barbeque pork yourself this way.

First of all prepare the ingredients which are:
– Sugar
– Soy sauce
– Pork
– Salt
– Chinese five spice

Choose the pork and then cut it into the thin slice and mix it together with all the ingredient and leave it at least half an hour or even better, overnight for the better taste.

After you got the tasty pork but uncook, it’s time for you to cook it by heat the oven to 350 degree and leave the port in there for an hour. After it’s cooked, put the pork on the top of the noodle and please enjoy the dish

Egg Noodle with Barbeque Pork Thailand

Egg Noodle with Barbeque Pork Thailand

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