Noodle in Gravy or Rad Nah with pork

Mon, May 10, 2010

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Noodle in Gravy
Another kind of noodle that I would like to suggest to you to do it, it’s not as simple as other noodle dishes but you can take up the step of your Thai cooking skill with this dish.


– Yellow bean sauce
– Dark Soy Sauce
– Flat rice noodle
– Vegetable Oil
– Mushroom
– Chinese Broccoli
– Sugar
– Pork (optional) or you can even use chicken or seafood instead (up to the people’s preference)

First you have to cook the flat rice noodle together with the dark soy sauce to make the noodle a bit tasty. Make sure you don’t put too much dark soy sauce on the noodle because it will cause the noodle to be too salty and has too dark color. While you are cooking noodle and dark soy sauce together, make sure you use something like chopstick to separate them all the way. In this way, the noodle will not stick together like a big chunk and that’s not easy to eat and also doesn’t look nice at all.

The second step is cooking the gravy – You can either cook the gravy in the pan or the pot, it’s up to what you want but make sure the size of the pan or pot has to be big enough to hold all ingredients.
Heat up the pan and then add the minced garlic and coated pork on It and then add the flour water on it, stir it quickly if you don’t want to get the big chunk from the flour. You can notice that it’s cooked by seeing the color of flour turn from white to clear. Then add soy sauce, yellow bean sauce and sugar at the end. When it’s all done, add up the Chinese broccoli and mushroom and then you can top the sauce on the plate which already has the noodle in it.

Noodle in Gravy Thailand

Noodle in Gravy Thailand

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