Squid with pepper

Fri, Aug 7, 2009

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The ingredients are:

• Squid
• Green pepper
• Spring onion
• Oil
• Fish sauce
• Sweet Soy Sauce
• Sugar

Wash the squid tubes and cut them into 3cm square pieces or bite-sized pieces. Don’t cut it too small because the squid will get shrink when you start to cook it.

Wash pepper and dice it into 2cm pieces long as well as the spring onion.

How to cook:
1. Heat the oil in the pan or wok until the oil is hot. Then add the squid and stir it for 2 minutes.
2. Add up the pepper and cook them all together.
3. Add up the spring onion and stir them all together until it’s cooked.
4. Add the ingredients like fish sauce, sweet soy sauce and sugar to make the dish tasty. This method is up to you, be careful not to put too much of each. You can use the spoon to try the test and add up more later to get the taste you like.

Squid with green pepper

Squid with green pepper

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