Stuffed Pork in bitter melon soup

Sun, Jun 6, 2010

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Stuffed Pork in bitter melon soup

Bitter Melon might sound scary for someone but believe when it comes to the dish with a little bit afford on cooking with some ingredients, it tastes awesome.

You can start to experience cooking this dish with:
– Soy sauce
– Salt
– Ground pork
– Ground pepper
– Miced garlic
– Bitter melon

Cut both end of bitter Melon and put it into 3 – 4 inches piece long and scoop all the seed out and leave the hole inside in order to put the ground pork in, be careful not to break the melon.

Before you add the pork into the bitter Melon, mix the minced garlic, salt and black pepper with the pork. Mix them all well together and put it in the bitter melon.

Once you get the stuffed Bitter Melon, Boil the water on the big pot and then put all the stuffed bitter melon you prepared on it and add the soy sauce on the water to make it taste better. Wait until the pork is cooked and then the dish is finished, switch off the gas and serve with hot rice.

Stuffed Pork in bitter melon soup Thailand

Stuffed Pork in bitter melon soup Thailand

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