8 kinds of food that you should not eat with empty stomach

Fri, Feb 26, 2010

Food Warning

1. Banana – You should avoid banana with empty stomach because it’s full with magnesium. If you eat banana when you have empty stomach, it will increase the magnesium level in the body and destroy the proportion of Magnesium and calcium in the body. It can stop the function of the aorta of the heart.

2. Garlic – Eating Garlic with empty stomach can cause you to hurt your stomach or cause you gastritis.

3. Vegetable – Eating only Vegetable with empty stomach can cause you stomachache.

4. Milk and soy bean milk – even soy bean milk is full with protein but it’s better with the carbohydrate in the stomach first.

5. Whiskey – it hurts your stomach if nothing in your stomach at all before drinking it.

6. Sugar or dessert – it causes the protein to mix with the sugar which affects the protein absorb systems of all kind of proteins and reduce the ability function of blood circulation and kidney.

7. Tea – tea causes the alimentary system to work slower which can cause you to get headache, no feeling at feet and hands and more.

8. Prune – You can’t eat prune with empty stomach because while the stomach is empty, the stomach will release a lot of hydrochloric acid and when you eat prune, Hydrochloric acid will mix with the prune rubber which cause you to feel nauseous, hurt your chest and cause the gastric ulcer.

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