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Thu, Mar 17, 2011

Food Warning, Healthy Food

The label will say good for you. But the message stuck inside the packaging does not necessarily mean it like that always. Do not forget that the marketing plan ‘low fat’ and ‘high nutritional value’. You may be believed so easily but what you should do every time before purchasing a healthy diet, is to do think The really useful more than falling in faith in the Good looking face of the food or just text ads.

Fruit Yogurt
In the another side to see how yogurt and fruit is useful in the food but for perspective of Men who love fitness and health to the body. Syrup in yogurt is not. Both yogurt and Sweet fruits are all in already . A syrup is just more sweetness of sugar. You should choose To avoid unnecessary sweetness to it. By eating yogurt sugar control. Or less sugar than yogurt to eat regularly.

Low-fat dressing
It seems that low-fat dressing to help reduce fat and calories, but in fact. Did you know that sugar is added to replace the taste that good. And worse. It is the fact that fat which absorbed vitamin it is been separated. Due to Ohio University researchers found that body of people who eat vegetable salad with salad dressing adsorbed beta carotene, which has anti-oxidant properties help prevent the growing of cancer up to 15 times. And absorb Lutein, yellow pigments, which contribute to the blocking of blood vessel blockage in the amount over
So Low-fat dressing may not be the solution of a healthy diet you are looking for. At the same time, you can have another choice with other salad dressing but in small amounts. Or choose a salad dressing made from 100 % of olive oil and canola oil flower (Canola Oil)

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