What the hell is MSG?

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

Food Warning

What is MSG? It’s almost in every food in Thailand I think but people ignore it. And I don’t think it’s something that you should be ignored because MSG can be the slow killer which cause harm to your health day by day.

MSG is a salt but it’s not the normal salt. It’s a salt of the amino acid – glutamic Acid. MSG stands for Mono-Sodium Glutamate. Believe it or not, MSG contains in a lot of foods selling in the market these days but the food companies know it’s bad so they hide MSG on the ingredient list by putting some other names instead.

The purpose of using MSG in food is very simple, to make it tasty and people love the tasty delicious food. It’s kinda tricky because the consumers know it bad but still want it at some points. The food companies know it bad but still put MSG in food because it makes the sale scale comes up.

The only way we can stop MSG to be around us is that the consumers have to stop taking it themselves. You know it’s bad and if you don’t know so I’m telling you down, MSG is bad, it’s killing you day by day if you consume it every day. And you know what, I’m allergy to MSG too. My face got swollen, so I can’t take any food with MSG in it at all.

You might wonder how bad is MSG. Here is the list of some diseases that you might get if you consume MSG constantly:

-          Migraine and Headache

-          Diabetes

-          Autism

-          Obesity

-          Make you addicted

-          ADHD or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

and more 🙁

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    The issue with going to the grocery store is that MSG is often listed under other names, so it’s hard to avoid it totally. I’m hoping as more people move toward healthier lifestyles, it will become less prevalent in everyday foods. Here is another great article that discusses exactly what’s wrong with MSG.

  2. re Says:


  3. Goy Says:

    Just do not eat it thats all!

  4. Tam Says:

    Does Pad Thai usually have MSG in it at restaurants?

  5. Goy Says:

    o yes it has

  6. Jeff Says:

    You can’t just say not to eat MSG, its found naturally in beef, tomatoes, yeast, cheese, soy, and various other meats and plants. It is the precursor to the vital neurotransmitter gamma-Aminobutyric acid, a lack of which causes hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, etc. The suspected negative effects of MSG in the body is similar to caffeine in that the body gets addicted to heightened levels GABA, and, when they subside, withdrawal effects occur that you listed. Its all about control, and not eating too much of MSG, just like how you can overdose on vitamins and have negative health effects from that

  7. Goy Says:

    The eating of MSG in ASIA is not recommended by any means. We have enough in the food and the amount you get from Asian food is too much.

  8. mark Says:

    Jeff has a valid point here.. I’ve done some research and there are many websites “stating” MSG is very bad etc.. But if that’s the case, why can’t this be proved in official research? There have been studies which could not clearly point to MSG as having bad effects on the human body..

  9. Goy Says:

    How long did it take before “smoking” was bad

  10. sb Says:

    Jeff and Mark – The problem I have is that “synthetic” mono sodium glutamate should not be added to food. There is nothing wrong with natural MSG, all food in your cabinet should not have MSG. FDA standards don’t label it MSG they call it every name in the book except MSG. There is no way to trace your bad reaction to food until you learn that they call MSG “Natural Flavoring” which is in Pepsi. It does unbalance your Glutamine/GABA cycle which creates a vicious cycle with your neurotransmitters.

    The ultimate goal is eat MSG occurring naturally in food, such as seaweed, but don’t add it to our food and cover up that you did.

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