Delicious Barbecues Can Also Mean Healthy Eating

Tue, Jul 3, 2012

Healthy Food

Ah, the barbecue; dripping with fatty, greasy food!  Despite our general obsession with healthy eating, the ‘barbie’ is one of those “oh, go on then” moments that can happen alarmingly frequently if the weather’s good over the summer.  However, barbeques don’t have to be all burgers and sausages, although I’ll admit there’s nothing wrong with them.  If you prefer to at least remain a little saintly while still having some fun this summer, there are a range of simple and rather delicious alternatives to the traditional grease-fest that is summer outdoor cooking.

Summer Salmon

Salmon is healthy, nutrient rich food source that is also light and low fat.  Low fat can often mean ‘tasteless’ but in the case of this super-food that’s not the case.  A great way to cook salmon on a barbecue is in ‘kebab’ form.  You can marinate chunks of salmon beforehand; try a mixture of oil, garlic, lemon and rosemary for a light taste.  Leave the salmon in this mix for around two hours and then add to kebab skewers, alternating with cherry tomatoes.  Grill over the barbecue and serve with a garnish of fresh rosemary leaves.

Chicken on a Stick

Chicken is a healthy meat and is easy to cook “a la barbie”.  It can be grilled or steamed on top of the barbeque grate, both of which are healthy ways to cook, indoors or out.  Like salmon, chicken is particularly well suited for marinating and it can be used as alternative on the kebab stick above.  For a summer marinade prepare the chicken in a mix containing plenty of lemon juice, paprika, garlic and black pepper.   Mix pepper and paprika together for a spicy rub down after the marinating and grill, again on kebab sticks.  Alternatively use the same method but place whole chicken breasts on the grate to grill.  Cover loosely with foil and cook for around twenty five minutes, turning very carefully half way through.

Spicy Tofu Slices

Tofu is a healthy and vegetarian alternative to the usual meat-fest focus at barbecues.  Whether it’s for vegetarian friends, yourself or as a healthy alternative for everyone, simple grilled tofu is an ideal and easy dish to serve.  Curry will add a tasty kick to tofu, which does generally need some flavouring.  You can either create your own curry paste or simply use a pre-prepared curry mix.  Thai Red is particularly tasty and makes a good flavouring.  Lightly season with your curry of choice and simply grill on a hot barbecue grate.  A great way to serve this tofu treat is with that perfect accompaniment to all things curried – chutney.  Sweet chutneys, tamarind or mango are ideal to compliment the spiciness of the tofu.

Tender Treats

Pork tenderloins marinated in soy sauce with a little dash of spicy chilli, make a simple and healthy grill for the barbeque.  To add a devilish sweetness to the finished product, mix a little sugar with the soy.  You can use the soy/sugar mix as the base for a marinade; add touch of garlic and some hot chillies and chill in a plastic container for at least two hours to allow the flavours to mingle, turning at least once during the process.  Drain the meat and simply grill on a medium to hot barbecue grate, holding back the crowds as the smell sizzles and spreads around the garden!  Serve with a Satay sauce, which is a perfect complement to this healthier meat feast.

Barbecues don’t have to be all about the meat.  Fresh veg boxes full of healthy goodies can be turned to good use when a little al fresco cooking is on the cards.  Alternatives to the traditional burgers and sausages can include some surprisingly simple and tasty dishes that will make your barbecues a talking point for months to come.

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