Food and Mood

Thu, Dec 30, 2010

Healthy Food

You are the one or not.The feeling that woke up in the morning. Emotion is not clear as it should be. (Not counting symptoms bored or tired of school work), despite sleeping sufficiently

Cause of the food sources that affect mood.
Overseas research studies and academic papers on the role of nutrients with Mood in many parts
about the factors that affect the emotional body from two sources of food and chemicals in the brain.
Carbohydrate foods are such as white flour and sugar and Glucose levels from each food type.
Or we call the “Glycemic index” is divided into three levels of sugar foods with low sugar, moderate, and high sugar index.

High Sugar Foods
For 2-4 hours after eating, Blood sugar levels are decreasing rapidly. Affect the body Weakness drowsy mood.

High fat Foods
Because the body will feel heavy after eating. Fatigue and sleepiness. Especially after breakfast and lunch. Many people work might have hard eye symptoms that hard to open eye. In Period of eating between meals is too long. It’s Cause such as headaches and fatigue, shaking hands and sweat.

No breakfast.
It will make the body need more food to compensate for increased energy from missing meals. Resulting in wanting to eat subsequent meals too much.

This is a simple way that many people may know. And some people may miss it. Let’s check if you have well done.

How to eat to get better mood.

Don’t miss any meals : If you do not have time. Only choose a small snack such as bread, whole wheat or Some cereals, biscuits 2-3 sheets. Do not let your stomach is strictly empty. Or whether to divide the meal into small meals. But eat often. To prevent blood sugar fall down too much
Eating a low sugar food : Such as wheat bread, brown rice, vegetables and fruits with a lot of fiber and not taste so sweet. Because the body will digested and absorbed slowly to make blood sugar levels constant Regularly. And 4-6 hours after eating, the substance in the body will secrete some hormones to breakdown glycogen, A carbohydrate that accumulates in the body and add a different food sources such as glucose from fat.

Try to stop drinking alcohol and coffee. To Drink fruit juices

Exercise regularly

food and mood

food and mood


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