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Sat, Dec 25, 2010

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White tea

White tea

Nowadays, health lovers turned to drink healthy by nature and stuff, and tea is the most popular in Europe and the United States at this time to give “white tea, is the top end of the tea to Buds are Similar needle Are covered in white fur is the origin of the name is called white tea, white tea is the tea through a minimal step in the process. Stabilize the value of the natural nutrients.

Important substances Which are anti-oxidants than other types of tea, the scientists found that the polyphenol compounds, phenol. (Polyphenols), or EGCG, the antioxidant activity. Found in large quantities in the white tea. Protects cells from deterioration and destruction. Since the current pollution and global warming has contributed to the premature physical deterioration conditions.

From the research of scientists in both England and the United States found that Amount of white tea. Antioxidants, or EGCG than green tea to 3 times the white tea has been used as a raw material in the production of skin care Aging because white tea helps prevent wrinkles, color, dark spots and dryness and in the field of Dentistry. Karma is also to evolve into white tea extracts in toothpaste. To inhibit oral bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

For people worried that white tea has a lot of caffeine. Don’t worry. Because white tea has less caffeine. When compared with other types of tea. Also critical is the white tea to prevent cancer. Because the system helps digestion And renal function of the system outside of this white tea can help stop a nitrosamine Min. This is a serious carcinogen. Inhibit the ability of vitamin C much higher. Because it reacts faster and stronger. Benefits of white tea. A lot of girls love this healthy, do not delay,hurry to buy in. I try to drink more.



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