Flowers for Thailand during Valentine

Wed, Feb 9, 2011


Do Thai people eat something special during Valentine? No they do not eating something special the “holiday” of valentine just sprung up 10 years ago. Thai people love to adept to other culture holidays and Valentine is just the latest of them. Few later we got a even bigger holiday celebration from Halloween.
So the only real food that can be associated with Valentine in Thailand is Chocolate but that is not just for Thailand that’s for all countries. Thai people like to eat expensive when it comes to holiday because in the Thai culture it is sadly so that most Thai people think expensive is good. So they probably go for foreigner food rather than Thai food.
One think is for sure and that is the Thai people will buy flowers for their lovers because a Valentine in Thailand without flowers is not a real Valentine.
If you want to send flowers to Thailand for Valentine we recommend Thailand Flowers

Because if you have a Thai girl and you forget her Valentine you better not book a ticket to Thailand, just a friendly advice.

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