Crabmeat Steamed Eggs

Mon, Jan 4, 2010

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Eggs : 3 – 4 eggs
Imitated crabmeat
Carrot (chop into small pieces same size as small cube)
Spring Onion
Soy sauce
Fish Sauce

How to cook:
In order to do the steam egg, you definitely need the steaming pot. Get ready to cook by pour in the water in it and place the pot on the fire. While you are waiting for the water to get hot, prepare the egg by beat the eggs into the bowl and mix them all together then add carrot, sauce, spring onion, fish sauce and a little bit water in it.

When the water is boiling, place the bowl on the second top of the steaming pot and leaves it in there for around 20 minutes. After that take out the bowl from the steaming pot and place the crabmeats on the top.

This dish is very easy and tasteful for kids. All kids love it.

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