Fried Fish and fish sauce

Wed, Nov 18, 2009

How to cook Thai Food, Seafood


1 fish (any white fish) weight 400-500 grams or you can use fish fillets

Oyster sauce
Fish sauce


Cooking oil

Fresh vegetable (tomato, cucumber, cabbage, etc. for garnishing)

How to cook:

Heat oil in a wok, use oil more enough to cover two sides of the fish. Fry the fish on low heat, about 10 minutes on the first side.

The tip is don’t try to loosen the fish before it’s done because the fish will break.

Flip the fish to another side and cook it for about 5 minutes and remove the fish to the plate to clear away all oil.

How to make a sauce for the fish:

Heat one tablespoon of the leftover oil (after deep frying fish). Wait until hot then add sugar, fish sauce, and oyster. Stir until mixed well then remove from heat.

Before serving, pour the sauce on top of fried fish then serve immediately with hot steamed rice. Eat the fresh vegetable with the fish as well by just garnishing it first.

Fried Fish and fish sauce

Fried Fish and fish sauce

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