Fried Pork with long beans

Sun, Mar 21, 2010

How to cook Thai Food, Pork

It’s the dish that you can order from any restaurants in Thailand. The price of Fried pork with long beans on the top of rice can cost you only 25 baht at the normal restaurants along the road. If you want to buy from those restaurants, you can’t expect much for the preparation because it’s very inexpensive.

What you have to prepare is :

Pork sliced in pieces
Long bean (cut in piece about 1 – 2 inches long)
Chili paste
Chicken stock (or water in case you don’t make the preparation)

How to cook:

Turn heat on and put oil in the wok, wait until it’s hot then add the pieces of pork that you prepared. Stir it together then add the chili paste and some chicken stock. Cook them altogether then seasoning the food with sugar and fish sauce, look if the food gets too try if yes, add more chicken stock. Then add the long beans and stir them altogether again. Be careful that you don’t cook it too long when you put the long beans in the wok because the long beans will get crunchy. Then take the food up and put it in the plate serving with the hot rice.

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