Hot Sour Curry with Shrimp and Acacia Omelette

Sat, Aug 7, 2010

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Hot Sour Curry with Shrimp and Acacia Omelette


The medium shrimp 8-10 (cleaning, shell).
fish muscle.
Chilli beef
Makamepiik water
Fish sauce
Lime juice.
Chaam grip.
egg foam (used for making omelette Chaam).

How to do step by step.

1. The fish meat cooked in boiling water to scald. Then fish out the meat to be soft ground (if the bone is removed as well), then the fish meat to pound the mortar into the chili as well Chilli beef Are prepared to bring forth the next step.

2. Boil water in pot and wait until boiling. Add chili to mixe with meat, fish Chilli beef (Step 1) Wait until boil then seasoning with fish sauce, tamarind water and sugar.

3. Chaom add shrimp and omelet. (How to make omelette Chaom see below), wait until boiling kang som again if power is off like sour lemon water may be added. When seasoning as needed and then get put cup. And serve immediately with hot cooked rice.

How to make omelette Chaom:.

1. Clean Chaom clear, clean and cool to take out a leaflet. Split a length of approximately 1 inch.
2. Stir the egg and then mix Chaom in it and stir them all together until it mixed well.
3. Set in the oil pan on a medium fire. Add eggs and chaom that you stire together in it. Wait until well cooked yellow. Turn off the light and bring it to drain oil. Split a small square and then serve it with Kang som and rice.

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