Rice soup with shrimps

Wed, Nov 4, 2009

How to cook Thai Food

Ingredients are:


Cooked rice


Fish sauce

Soy sauce

Chinese celery

Minced garlic

Pepper powder

Fried garlic for topping

How to cook:
Fried the garlic until its color is gold

Then add up the cup of water, wait until it boils and then add soy sauce, fish sauce, Chinese celery and pepper powder. Stir them all together and wait until it boils again.

After it boils, add up the rice and cabbage. Wait until it boils again, then add up the shrimp and wait until the color of the shrimp is white.

Pour the finished rice soup with shrimp into the bowl and serve immediately. The dish is in its most delicious when it’s still hot.

Rice soup with shrimp

Rice soup with shrimp

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