Spicy Thai sausage Salad

Fri, Jan 15, 2010

How to cook Thai Food, Pork

The Ingredients:

Sausage (Moo-Yor)
Sliced Onion
Chili peppers
Lime juice
Fish sauce
Sliced tomato
Chinese celeries

This dish is very simple and very easy to cook but the taste is very nice. Also it can be a simple dish for a person who has less time to cook or is in hurry.

The method:

Cut the sausage into the bite size

Find the right size of bowl, just to add up all ingredients together. Put in the sausage, ground chili, fish sauce, sugar, tomato, scallions, Chinese celery and lime juice and then stir them all up together.

Add them all in the dish and serve it with lettuce and cucumber.

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