Squid Salad

Mon, Dec 14, 2009

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Squid Salad

This dish is very easy, the important things are you have to get the ingredients promptly, try not to miss a thing and it’s about your hand, not too heavy or too light when u season the dish.

How to cook:

Get the squid ready by cutting into ready-to-eat pieces and boil them until they are all cooked.

Then you prepare the bowl to mix all ingredients together, put slicked shallot, sliced onion, pounded chili pepper, ginger, sliced red hot pepper, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar.

Mix them all together then add the squid and make sure all the ingredients mix well with the squid.

Then transfer to the serving dish and top it up with the Mint leaves.

Squid Salad

Squid Salad

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