Thai Fried Wonton

Sun, Nov 29, 2009

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It’s very simple dish which is similar to Japanese dish. This dish is popular as the appetizer before your main dish arrive but it’s as yummy as the main dish as well.

Let’s prepare the ingredients

Wonton wrappers (eggroll wrappers) You can find in any supermarket near to your place

Medium-sized shrimps, cleaned, shelled and deveined (Don’t leave any cover of the shrimp because you need to put the shrimp meat inside the wrapper and the eater will not see the shrimp when they eat it, so be careful)

Minced pork


Coriander root, finely chopped

Minced garlic

Fish sauce

Soy sauce

Sweet plum sauce or sweet chili sauce (for dipping)

Oil for frying the wonton

How to cook:

First you have to prepare the food that you gonna put inside the wonton first. Prepare the bowl in order to mix the ingredient in it. Add in the shrimp, pork, sugar, coriander root, garlic, fish sauce and soy sauce. Knead them all together until it’s mixed well and the paste becomes smooth.

Put a wonton on your palm, use a teaspoon to take out the food you prepared then place it in the middle of the wonton. Fold over and seal the edge with water or egg yolk.

Heat oil in a wok over medium heat. Wait until hot, then deep fry (deep fry means you use oil more enough to cover the whole food, so you don’t have to flip the side of the food you fry) for 3-5 minutes until golden brown. Remove and drain.

Transfer to the plate with the dipping. You can also serve the wonton with vegetable.

Thai Fried Wonton

Thai Fried Wonton

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