Bua Loy

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

Thai Dessert

Bua Loy is the dessert that I don’t know how to name it in English, anyhow just call it Bualoy as a Thai dessert, so it deserves Thai name, hehe. If you guys have some cool name you can think of, please leave the comment and share it with other people to make it more easier to understand for non-Thai

The ingredients are
– Rice flour
– Brown sugar
– Egg
– Coconut milk
– Salt

Start by making the small size of ball with the rice flour like you see in the picture. And in order to make the round size of dough happens, you have to mix the rice flour with a bit of water and touch it until you feel it’s sticky enough to put it in shape, then it’s good to go.

After you get a lot of small ball size of rice flour, you start boil the water and then put the little dough balls that you just made into it. And don’t worry, they will all float up when the dish is done, what you have to do is just wait. When they all float up, take them out and drain them and put them all in the boiling coconut milk. It’s finished but you just add up some sugar and salt until you get the right taste you are looking for.

More tips: you can eat Bua Loy with eggs by putting an egg or two in the boiling coconut milk or if you want to make the dish more colorful, you can buy some food color and add up to the rice flour while you are making the dough balls out of it. Some people like to make the dish more yummy, so they add many different colors and that looks real sweet like candy.

Bua Loy Thailand

Bua Loy Thailand

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