Coconut Juice

Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Thai Dessert

Coconut juice is one of the best drinks for summer season. Besides from the juice from the real coconut, you can adapt to make its taste sweeter or cooler by turning it to the sweet juice serving in glasses to freshen your sunny days.

This recipe is super easy by just put the meat of the coconut and juice into the glasses. The easiest way to do is taking out the juice into the glass and split the whole coconut into the half and scoop out the meat by the spoon and put them in the same glass of juice. Please beware not using old coconut because the meat of the coconut will be too hard to eat. Make sure you can use the spoon to scoop out the meat very easy, them it means the coconut is still young and the meat is very soft to eat.

The thing is soft meat coconut is the young coconut and young coconut doesn’t provide so sweet juice like old coconut does. If you prefer to drink only juice, I suggest you to get the old coconut ones but if you prefer to have both juice and coconut meat, you can choose the young coconut ones instead but you can make the juice sweeter by adding a little bit of sugar.

Coconut juice

Coconut juice

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