Coconut milk sticky rice with mango

Wed, Jun 10, 2009

Thai Dessert

Today, we are going to give you the recipe of the sweet that you can find the ingredient very easy in Thailand. It’s original, simple and delicious. What I’m going to give the recipe is called “Khao niew Mamuang” or what you call in English “Mango with sweet coconut sticky rice”

What you have to prepare is:

1. Mango (Peeled) and cut it into the bite size pieces
2. Coconut
3. Sticky rice

There is nothing much to do with Mango because it’s already sweet and delicious in itself. But the mango that you use for this desert has to be the yellow ones, not green because the yellow ones are sweet and smooth to eat.

But the process to make the sweet coconut sticky rice will not be that easy. First I recommend you to soak the stick rice in the water for at least an hour or even better if you can soak it overnight because it will be easier to cook and smooth. Right after u soak the sticky rice in appropriate, use the steamer to cook it by putting the water in the bottom of the steamer and then put the sticky rice on the cheese cloth. Heat the stove from medium to high and leave the sticky rice there for 20 minutes, after that you will get well cooked sticky rice that smooth and delicious.

After you get the sticky rice, you have to make the sticky rice sweet by putting the sweet coconut on it. The sweet coconut is made by coconut milk stir on the pot and add some sugar and salt and stir them together for 5 minutes and done, add more sugar if you want sweet sticky rice, less if you don’t like the dish to be too sweet. And then pour it on the sticky rice, serve with the mango. Enjoy the basic good health Thai desert

Coconut milk sticky rice with mango Thailand

Coconut milk sticky rice with mango Thailand

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