Mung Bean pudding

Sat, Nov 7, 2009

Thai Dessert

Ingredients are:

2 Cup of Water

Tapioca flour



Mung bean

Coconut milk

How to cook:
Boil mung bean with water and wait until it’s tender. Then dissolve the tapioca flour with the water and then add up in the pot with mung bean. Remember you have to keep on stirring it in case not make the bottom of the pot burns. The dish is supposed to be thicky. But if the dessert is too thick, add up some water or if it’s too watery, add up some more tapioca flour. Then add up the sugar to make the taste sweet and turn off the heat afterward.

Then you prepare the coconut milk to put on the top of the dessert by add salt with coconut milk and heat up in the microwave for a few mins. Make sure not to boil the coconut milk way too hot, otherwise it’s gonna separated. Put the coconut oil on the top, then mung bean pudding dish is ready to be served.

Bung Mean Pudding

Bung Mean Pudding

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