Pumpkin Custard

Sun, Jul 19, 2009

Thai Dessert

This dish is very simple and we use pumpkin as the part of the dish as well, so you know, We use the vegetable and turn it to be the dessert as well

The ingredients:
– Pumpkin
– Sugar
– Duck eggs
– Coconut milk

Mix all eggs, coconut milk and sugar together and stir all of them together until it’s frothy.

Prepare the pumpkin to make it look like a shape of a bowl by cutting the top of the pumpkin out and you can use it as the cover of the rest which will be a bowl, see the picture before.

Last, pour the mixture of eggs, coconut milk and sugar that you prepare before in the pumpkin and steam it for 30 minutes or until the custard is firm.

Pumpkin Custard Thailand

Pumpkin Custard Thailand

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