Singapore Lod Chong with Coconut Milk

Thu, Jul 23, 2009

Thai Dessert

Lod Chong with Coconut Milk is the dish that is very famous here in Thailand for a very long time and it’s also very easy to make. You can also find Lod Chong almost in every restaurant that sells Thai dessert. Lod Chong is very easy to find in the market as well, if you want to do this dish, you can just go buy it in any market in Thailand or any Asia shops.

But if you go buy lod chong yourself, you don’t even need to look at this recipes because there is nothing to teach you here but if you want to make “Lod Chong” yourself, let’s start it together

The ingredients are:

– Rice flour
– Palm sugar
– Concentrated pandanus squeeze
– Red lime water
– Coconut milk
– Salt

Start the dish by kneading the rice flour with red lime water and concentrated pandanus squeeze. The trick is add the little of all three together until in order to make them well combine.

After you mix all together well enough, then using the white and thin fabric to filter it. Then put the mixture you have on fire, don’t forget to stir it not to make it too dry or too waterly. The perfect way is to stir it until it sticky. After you get the mixture, pour it in the can which has medium holes all around the bottle and then press all the ingredients out of the can to the cool water. Ensure the water is cold, change it if you notice it becomes hot. Leave that process for a while.

Go to the second process by mixing coconut milk, palm sugar and salt together and then boil it up. Let it cool and then mix the first process which is “lod Chong” and the second process which is “coconut milk” together and then it’s ready to be served.

Singapore Lod Chong Thailand

Singapore Lod Chong Thailand

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