Thai Cup Cake or Khanom Tuay

Wed, Jul 15, 2009

Thai Dessert

We have already introduced you many food dishes, so it’s now time we decided to teach you how to cook Thai dessert now. Let’s start the second half of July with Thai cup cake:

The ingredients:
– Rice flour
– Coconut milk
– Sugar
– Salt
That’s it, the ingredients are very easy to find and have only few for you to prepare, now let’s start doing it.

First of all, mist flour and coconut milk together with the water in one bowl. But leave 2 tablespoons of flour and second half of the coconut can with another bowl and mix them up together as well. The second bowl, you mix the flour and coconut milk with salt.

Then you prepare the cup like you see in the picture below in order to fill in the dessert and steam it. First you put in the first bowl ¾ of the cup and then put in the steamer and leave it for 10 minutes after that put the second bowl mix in the rest ¼ of the cup and then continue steaming the cup for another 10 minutes.

You might curious how to eat it. When you serve it, you just serve with the cup cake like that and the spoon for people to dig it out from the cup and eat it. That’s very fresh and delicious, so yummy.

Thai Cup Cake Thailand

Thai Cup Cake Thailand

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  1. Richard Says:

    What are the recipe proportions for 4 or more servings? I also have seen the bottom layer as being green or having a different taste, color and texture. Are there other regional differences and suggested additions?

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