Thai Mixed Dessert or Ruam Mid

Tue, Jul 21, 2009

Thai Dessert

Let’s move on to the easiest dessert dish ever. It’s called “Thai Mixed Dessert” or “Ruam Mid” in Thai.

Prepare the ingredients:
– Sugar
– Coconut milk
– Big tapioca
– Singapore Lod Chong
– Jackfruit
– Klong Klang (Thai snack)
– Floating jasmine water

First start the dish by mixing sugar and jasmine water but filter it with the white and thin fabric until it sticky. Then start the second mixer by mixing coconut milk with big tapioca, Singapore Lod Chong, Klong Klang and Jackfruit.

At the end, mixing those two bowls together and then add up the ice at the end and serve. This dish is so simple, just get the ingredients ready and mix them all up together and that’s it.

Thai Mixed Dessert Thailand

Thai Mixed Dessert Thailand

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