Nam Ma Muang (Mango Syrup)

Fri, Jan 7, 2011

Thai Drink

Made from pured mango and sugar syrup, a great way to enjoy the taste of mango. You will need a food processor or blender to prepare this.



– 250 grams Mango
– 1/2 Lemon
– 100 grams Sugar
– 150 ml Water
– Mint Leaves to Garnish


1. Boil the water & sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Leave it to cool to form a syrup.
2. Peel the mango and chop it finely.
3. Put the mango pieces in a blender, squeeze the lemon juice in aswell, add the syrup and blend together until the mango is liquidized.
4. Chill in the fridge until you are ready to serve.
5. Serve cold with a sprig of mint to decorate.


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