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Mon, Dec 20, 2010

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Girls and Boys Should pay attention to fat content of each other. Penalty because of the bad fat than you think.

After entering the body. Fat to hold on the wall, Intestine stomach, liver, spleen, all organs to function poorly. Then the following symptoms to come.

1. In the Gallbladder. Fat will make you become mother young owls insomnia. Tantrum caused kidney stones in eye degeneration and body aches.

2. In the Spleen ,Fat will make spleen growth, what happen is tired easily and all the time. you might can not enjoy activity as much as others

3. In the kidney, Effect is bad memories and poor forgetful. Losing capability learn something new. And feel cold all the time.

4. In the Small intestine. Intestinal absorption of vitamins is not full. You catch a cold easily. Allergy. It is important we make a pretty girl can not hold urine.

5. Spleen is responsible for transforming food stuff. As the body needs. If the spleen is not working well. It will change almost all the nutrients as fat. This could easily cause Obesity by itself.

6. In the Artery. Fat will clog the blood to the brain is not mature, numbing dementia may be the Al may interfere, grizzly hair and is easy to be unconscious



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