Sydney Model Used for Thai Kitchen to the World

Sat, Jun 2, 2012

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Thailand will use Sydney Model to promote the Thai Kitchen to the World in various countries where Thai food is now gaining more popularity.

The city was picked because Australians are familiar with and enjoy Thai food and agricultural products. The Government would accelerate the program to make Thai food better known to the world at large. The Prime Minister revealed that Thai restaurants in Sydney would like to have signboards showing Thailand town in Sydney in order to boost tourism in this city, as well.

Recently at the Thailand: Kitchen to the World Food Week in Sydney, Prime Minister Yingluck stated that Thai people are proud of the rich tradition and global popularity of Thai food, which has promoted Thai culture and attract tourism. With its exotic taste and unique presentation, Thai cuisine is popular in many cities worldwide.

Several years ago that ranked Thai dishes in the top five of the most popular dishes served in Australian restaurants. The Prime Minister also said that Thailand is a major producer of food for the world. Its annual revenue from food exports is over 20 billion US dollars. In particular, Thailand is one of the world’s largest exporters of rice, with Australia as an important customer. It remains the largest supplier of rice for Australia, with over 110,000 tons exported to this country each year. Moreover, Thailand is also the fifth largest supplier of all food products to Australia, with exports increasing by about five to ten percent annually.

Thailand’s ability to provide good-quality Thai agricultural products at competitive prices could help address the problem of food security. The Thai government is implementing the “Kitchen to the World” program to promote food production and address the issue of food security, apart from producing high-quality food that meets international standards of safety. A comprehensive strategy has been planned, covering raw materials, logistics, production, improving value-added and distribution centers.

The strategy seeks to expand the role of agricultural and food businesses and to support Thai investments abroad, especially the setting up of Thai restaurants by enhancing overseas networks. The Government will also promote the development of value-added ago-industries through highly advanced techniques and marketing systems.

Thailand and Australia have committed to work together on food safety and food security, as members of the Cairns Group. They will co-host the 20th meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems in Thailand in 2013.

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