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Mon, May 7, 2012

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The Commerce Ministry is launching a campaign to encourage the consumption of Thai fresh fruits at the upcoming London Olympics in a bid to bring Thai fruits to the attention of the world.

The strategy focuses on encouraging food chains, restaurants, English consumers, and tourists to consume more Thai fruits on various occasions. It will also promote the uniqueness and quality of tropical fruits from Thailand amidst higher demand for tropical fruits from Asia.

The in-store promotion measure, in cooperation with Tesco – the United Kingdom’s largest wholesaler and retailer – would help boost export opportunities for Thai fruits.

Thai fruit exports to the UK will achieve US$4 million this year. Thai fruit imports by Tesco alone should be worth not less than Bt10 million.

Although the export value of Thai fresh fruits to Britain is still less compared with other products, shipments are expected to increase this year due to higher demand, in particular for the Olympic Games in London.

More than 900,000 tourists are expected to visit the British capital for the Games. However, even before the event, more tourists have also gradually traveled to the city and other cities in UK.

The in-store promotion campaign of Thai fruits should help promote more recognition and demand for consumption.

Tesco will organist in-store promotion of Thai fruits at 212 Tesco branches in London, starting today until 1 June. Fruits that would be highlighted at the event include Nam dok mai mango, Mahachanok mango, mangosteen, rambutan, and Southern langsat.

Total shipments to the UK were valued at $3.88 billion, up by 6.26 % last year. However, overall exports to the market in the first quarter of this year dropped by 11.89 % to $878.2 million.

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